Hulu’s Helstrom Gives Viewers A New Take On Exorcisms

Hulu has two shows Marvel TV on the horizon, Modok – which looks like Robot Chicken with criminals Marvel – and Helstrom, a series of horror directive on services on October 16. During the panel the New York Comic-Con to Helstrom, the cast and crew discussed making this event shades different from other gothic events on TV.

Showrunner Paul Zbyszewski spoke openly about putting a new spin on exorcism figuratively, as the following event a professor of ethics casting out demons when he had one in his own himself. “You know every time you attack something like this, you go ‘What we bring to it that people have not seen before? What’s new? What’s different? What are the things you did not expect?’ Zbyszewski explained. “Also, will find that true for the characters and the story we’re trying to tell? So it’s sort of interesting that Satan would come in as an exorcist to get rid of another demon, and that’s how I approach it. ”

While Helstrom is a horror show, one of the very few times Marvel and genres have crossed the road, Zbyszewski went on to say that this event does not pay homage to horror movies past because there are a lot of Easter eggs throughout the show. “I have to give props to our first episode director Dana Reed, his great phenomenal come in this approach is very traditional horror There was a shot in the first episode -… you’ve seen the scene of Damon came up the stairs –the framing it by Bernard Couture also our director of photography. only the master and artists paint the frame, Dana and Bernard really see what classic [horror] and how we mimic the styles and tones and shades? and that is their approach, which I just love. those fantastic job [and I] do not could give them enough props. ”

You will be able to check Helstrom for yourself on October 16 when all 10 episodes of the first season drop. For now, you can check out the first 10 minutes of Episode 1 above for 2020 NYCC panel.

In a review of GameSpot about Helstrom – Episode 1-5 – Chris E. Hayner said, “Helstrom has the makings of a decent standalone No outright bad about the event problem is that there is also nothing unusual about it there .. .. about it feels special, besides the fact that it was just something previously untried Marvel entries middle-of-the-road into a horror chamber for Marvel – the room may not be visiting again for a very long time. “

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